Whitney’s 10 more reasons why girls should have sex with dogs

Whitney Wisconsin’s original video detailing why girls should have sex with their dogs was the one launching her into infamy.  We guess perhaps she thought that her fame was fading, because she has done it again:

Now with 10 more reasons why girls should have sex with their dogs. Whitney’s reasons for dog fucking are:

  1. You can have oral sex almost everywhere
  2. Dogs are naturally attracted to the smell of pussy
  3. Your dog won’t cheat on you
  4. A dog’s knob is giving you an entire different experience
  5. There is a major turn on in being intimate with your dog
  6. Dog’s have extremely high sex drive
  7. The act itself is really not all that crazy
  8. A dog’s penis is actually a lot like a human’s penis
  9. I feel like in time, people are going to open up to this
  10. You and your dog is going to share a very very special part

Reasons Why Girls Should Have Sex With Dogs

This was more or less the video – posted on YouTube, that launched Whitney Wisconsin in to eternal infamy.

In the video she list “10 Reasons Why Girls Should Have Sex with Dogs”.

Those reasons are – according to Whitney:

  • Women in history have practiced it for pleasure. Documented for ancient Greece and Rome.
  • Dog-tongues can reach places that are hard to reach otherwise.
  • Nobody can get pregnant.
  • You cannot get an STD. (However, dog-sperm-allergy can be seriously harmful.)
  • It has been around since the beginning of time. From and since 2000BC: Cave paintings.
  • Legal in some countries and states. Because of that: No reason to worry.
  • Kink. Being submissive to a wolf. Something most people wouldn’t do.
  • Convenience. The dog is just there. No need to go out for sex.
  • They don’t nag, nor complain. They are silent companions.
  • They are easy to train. That protects from unwanted humpingin front of other people.

The webmaster of this site think she’s aiming for a PhD in bestiality.