Reasons Why Girls Should Have Sex With Dogs

This was more or less the video – posted on YouTube, that launched Whitney Wisconsin in to eternal infamy.

In the video she list “10 Reasons Why Girls Should Have Sex with Dogs”.

Those reasons are – according to Whitney:

  • Women in history have practiced it for pleasure. Documented for ancient Greece and Rome.
  • Dog-tongues can reach places that are hard to reach otherwise.
  • Nobody can get pregnant.
  • You cannot get an STD. (However, dog-sperm-allergy can be seriously harmful.)
  • It has been around since the beginning of time. From and since 2000BC: Cave paintings.
  • Legal in some countries and states. Because of that: No reason to worry.
  • Kink. Being submissive to a wolf. Something most people wouldn’t do.
  • Convenience. The dog is just there. No need to go out for sex.
  • They don’t nag, nor complain. They are silent companions.
  • They are easy to train. That protects from unwanted humpingin front of other people.

The webmaster of this site think she’s aiming for a PhD in bestiality.

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