We all have seen the Tumblr communicate about forbidding nsfw blogs or those which have “adult” posts.

They think it won’t cause them any harm, but we are a really big part of the community. Let’s act and tell the staff that tumblr will slowly die after taking this decision. Follow these steps:

  • First of all, REBLOG THIS POST, so any NSFW blog can post and see it.
  • Give tumblr the worst mark at the App Store or Play Store
  • Write a negative comment about how they’re banning accounts and censoring the freedom of expression.
  • Purpose as a comment below a new site to move as a NSFW community.
  • (Edit) Sign this petition:

If you do this before the 17 of December, we can change this decision. Let’s make the staff hear us. Make tumblr great again, a free place for free minds and free content!!

(Edit – In the coming days, if Tumblr doesn’t change it’s mind, I’ll make a new post to discuss the new platform we should ALL move as the former NSFW Tumblr community.)

Personally, I enjoyed every single moment here at tumblr, and I appreciate everyone of my followers and blogs that I follow. If they delete my account… It was a pleasure to know you all. But we can still change this!!!


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