Whitney’s 10 more reasons why girls should have sex with dogs

Whitney Wisconsin’s original video detailing why girls should have sex with their dogs was the one launching her into infamy.  We guess perhaps she thought that her fame was fading, because she has done it again:

Now with 10 more reasons why girls should have sex with their dogs. Whitney’s reasons for dog fucking are:

  1. You can have oral sex almost everywhere
  2. Dogs are naturally attracted to the smell of pussy
  3. Your dog won’t cheat on you
  4. A dog’s knob is giving you an entire different experience
  5. There is a major turn on in being intimate with your dog
  6. Dog’s have extremely high sex drive
  7. The act itself is really not all that crazy
  8. A dog’s penis is actually a lot like a human’s penis
  9. I feel like in time, people are going to open up to this
  10. You and your dog is going to share a very very special part

1 thought on “Whitney’s 10 more reasons why girls should have sex with dogs

  1. My name is Bobby and I have no problem with you and your dog having sex. That being said my reasoning is I also know of another girl who described exact type of scenario that she had with a dog and it is been on her mind since she was thirteen when it happened and talk to me about it when she was 21. She asked me after Ward’s I thought this was strange nice return with a direct answer absolutely not! After listening to her I return the story of myself with her which I had never talked about when I was 18 years old and I had run out of gas and had to walk home to my father’s house as I was walking a dog ran out from somebody’s house and kept following me jumping up on me and follow me all the way to my father’s house. When I went in the doorway the dog tried to follow me in when I shut the door the dog kept moaning and barking from outside it’s so my father wouldn’t wake up I open the door and let the door again to make a long story short when I went to go get in my bed that dog jump up on me and just so people know it was a female dog the dog started basically humping me I got a hard-on I got aroused . And before I knew it I had sex with this dog

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