Whitney’s story

According to Lynn Lew’s (aka. Whitney Wisconsin) Facebook post:

So today I turn 19,
Last time this year I was running away from home, finally free from the chains of my parents.
I had no idea how to be an adult, I had no money, no experience in real life.
I had no knowledge or education, no know how.

I stayed with a friend and cried all night on their couch.
How was I going to make it, with an bible education, and no real contacts.
I met my friends all at McDonalds, and they were all coworkers.
I had no idea there was stds, drugs, wars, terrorism,

My parents blocked me from everything almost, I lived in a bubble.
In a way they ruined me, because if you dont know about the bad things in this world, they can creep up on you.
If you don’t know a lion is dangerous, you will attempt to pet it.

I used my old ass laptop, and started learning everything I could.
I learned about this world, and people this year.
I am fascinated with history, because this is all new to me.
I read that girls could make money by posting online.
I had no idea how to do any of that.

I decided to try it out, I could not support myself with my job, and my parents would only help me if I stayed with them.
I had no credit, or financial knowledge.
My parents set me up to basically live with them for ever, and be dependent.

When I first started this WhitneyWisconsin thing, it was out of desperation.
I thought that if I could just make $500 a month, it would be enough with my job at Mcdonalds for me to get a one bed room apartment. and enough food to eat for that month.
I never thought that it would actually go anywhere, as I had no idea what I was doing.

On March 19 2015, I nervously took my first pictures masturbating and posted them online.
I posted them on Reddit Gonewild.
I logged off, and went to sleep for a little.
When I woke back up, I saw that I was number one in popularity for that day .
I was shocked.
There was no way that i could have been number one.

You have to realize, that hundreds of thousands of girls post here for attention.
They look better, some of them have better bodies, some even look like models.
I thought it was a fluke, I was happy, and I read all the comments, and they were so encouraging.

I posted again, and hours later it was number one again.
At this time, I was sure this site was a scam, and I was being fed bs.
I posted about 5 more times this night.

My posts took up the top 3, plus 7 and 9 of the top ten spots.
I was happy, but had no idea how this was even possible.
I started using Reddit a little bit more.
I built a fan base that was 2,000 strong in a matter of days.
I felt on top of the world 2,000 people kinda knew who I was, and that to me was like a million then.

I wanted to grow my fan base, to 3000
I would experiment with pictures and vids.
I had no idea how to look, or be sexy.
A lot of things I done at first, was initial fails .
I learned a lot through failing, but my fan base still encouraged me.

People started asking me to do them vids and pics, and they would pay me in return.
They would pay me 50$ just for a video saying their name, or a picture set.
This was crazy to me, as I was nobody, but it was what I needed at the time, my friend was married, and had kids, and needed their space.

I remember one day, I made 300$ , I felt like I could do anything at this point.
300$ was nearly how much I made in 2 weeks of working at Mcdonalds.
I was still nervous because It was all surreal, but I started believing I could pull this off.

300$ a day soon became my goal.
I needed an apartment, and due to my age, and proven income from Mcdonalds, no one would let me rent from them.

I spent my first 2 months on a couch after I turned 18.
Eventually I started making 300$ a day and started actually being able to have faith in myself.
I also started looking for apartments.

I started hearing about blogging and Tumblr.
I had no idea what Tumblr was and started using it.
This was the best decision I think Ive ever mad in my life.
Reddit was good for getting me a little bit of fans, at that time I thought it was alot, but Tumblr was a bunch of kids, and adults who refused to grow up, and accept the real world. I thrived here.

I posted on Tumblr, 1 months worth of pictures and videos.
My Reddit fans followed me to Tumblr.
In one month my Tumblr followers went from 0 to 15k.
It grew from 15k to 32k the next month after that.
People would write me , and tell me that it took them 2 years just to get 17k, and that opened my eyes, and made me feel that I could actually do this.

By this time I was making close to 700 a day.
My biggest day was around about this time.
I made $1200 in about 8 hours, and that was the day I quit my job and focused on being Whitney.

I never took this serious until this point.
I was actually striving to be a manager at Mcdonalds.
I went to get my first apartment, and got denied.
I started crying, and told the apartment agency that I could pay my rent for the full year, before I even signed a lease.
They took the bait.

So in 3 months of turning 18, I now had my own place, a tiny, but really pretty apartment.
I quit my job, to focus on my online activities.
My followers exploded, because now i could focus 100 percent on being Whitney, and I also had my own place to shoot my vids and pics.

I went from having 30k followers on Tumblr to having nearly 500k in less than a year.
I furnished my apartment. and started reading about Europe.
I had fans there, who invited me to hang out with them.
The main fan was a guy in Greece, who owned a pharmaceuticals company.

I was very wary about meeting people online, this was an older gentleman, he would pay me 200-300$ just to talk to him on Skype.
He would tell me how things were going for his company and invite me to visit.
I always told him I was comfy and her understood that.
I looked up his company, and found out that this guy was basically a millionaire.

We kept in touch, but I never thought much about him, as I was just some small minded girl, who didn’t really care about some ones net worth.
We continued to talk daily for almost 3 weeks.
At this time, I started finding out that America was an English colony at one point.
I started learning about the UK more.

One night when I was laying in bed, I decided I wanted a passport.
I started doing research, and scheduled an appointment to get one.
I also booked plane tickets to England.
After I got my passport, I immediately landed in London England.
I was an idiot, I had money, and ll my bills were paid, but I never thought that my money wouldn’t be equal to England’s money.

You don’t think about stuff like this, and I was shocked when I found out 1 dollar was only 60 cents/pence to them.
I had enough money to actually live pretty good there in hotels, and I worked daily.
I explored England, and I liked it a lot, but was starting to want something different.

My fan from Greece, eventually found out I was in England, and was pissed, because I always declined Greece.
He was an older guy in his 50’s who was very manner-able and never ever talked about sex with me.
I think that’s why I enjoyed talking to him so much.
He taught me a lot, and told me basically to never give a fuck about what anyone thought , and to never hold back.

He kept asking me to hang out with him in Greece, and still I was heistant, but London was getting old to me.
It was cold and rainy, and this was in June.
He eventually told me he would pay for my time there, and that would even have my own place.

I finally agreed to it, and he sent me $10,000 in a matter of two weeks.
I paid for my flight, and he met me at the airport.
This guy took me out to eat, and showed me around Greece my first week.
Although he sent me $10,000 he payed for my hotel my first two weeks there.
He never tried anything sexual, he basically treated me like a princess.

I didn’t know how to feel about it, or react to it.
My first time of ever getting drunk was in Greece.
He took me out to a bar, like a really fancy one, and I got wasted.
He carried me up to my room, and tucked me in, and left.
I couldn’t figure this guy out.
He never ever once tried to be sexual with me, or take me for granted.

He worked 24 7 as well, so I saw him maybe 3x a week.
I later found out that he stayed with his mom, and took care of her.
I also found out that his entire family was in the politics of Greece.
He offered me a fast track to Greek citizenship If I chose it.
I was only suppose to be in Greece for a month, but I ended up staying there for 3 months.

My third week there, he took me to this mansion. and told me that as long as I was in Greece, Ill never have to stay at a hotel again.
The mansion was 5000 a month.
I payed it the entire 3 months I was there.
He let me do my own thing, and I explored Athens.
He only interfered to warn me about the dangers of Greece, and told me what things to avoid.

I fell in love with Greece, I will always love it.
The last week I was there, I hung out with him, and he took me to go see some temples in Greece, we flew from Island to island just seeing the views.
He paid for 2 hotel rooms, and never attempted to enter mine.
I was so unused to people like him.
I tried to kiss him on the last night I was there, and He declined me.
He told me that I was liek the daughter he never had, and it made me want to cry, because it was too much for me to process.

The last day before I left, he gave me $20,000.00 in cash.
He told me that he loved the fact I paid for my own stay, but he could not live with it.
We still talk, and I will most likely fly back there this summer.

Late September I flew back to the states.
I was now WhitneyWisconsin who had about 300k fans, and was making roughly 850$ a day.
I came back differently.
I had seen the life of a millionaire and I wanted it.
I had stayed in a 10 bedroom mansion, ALONE, with a gardener and a maid.

I knew that I needed to get bigger, I decided to do the 10 reasons girls should have sex with dogs video.
The video went nowhere…
I was certain that it would promote itself on the internet.
It sat 2 months while my fan base grew.

One day I logged on to Facebook, and saw that it was being shared everywhere.
The Cosmopolitan, Worldstar, Tyga, Boosie, MrTechnicalDiffculty, News sites both in America, and Europe shared my video and did articles on it.
Famous you tubers talked about it.

It was insane. I’m not sure why it took two month for it to go viral, but it finally happened.

Im now WhitneyWisconsin who has netted $200,000.00 and makes about 300-1300$ a day.
I have over 500k fans, and I just started Facebook.
In a month Ive gained about 16k followers here.

By the time I’m 20, I want to be the millionaire young lady, with millions if fans, and a online media empire.
I plan to make 19 my break out year.

I dont do posts like this often, they are personal, but fuck it.
I’ve came a long way, and im grateful to everyone who has been a friend , fan, or follower.

Thank You All


I hope for her sake she remembered to pay the IRS or she’ll be in for a nasty surprise now she gave a detailed report of her earnings.

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